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About Minder

Be Remindful

Attention follows thought. Create your life one minder at a time.

Explore Content

Create your best life all in one app. Want to Move? Meditate? Improve your Mind? Best practices from world thought leaders. Loaded with free content; premium available.

Minute Minder

Set your focus time. Small practice leads to big change!


Build your library with all your personal practices. All at your fingertips!


We love feedback. Continuous improvement helps us all.

Made With Love

You help make the world a better place one minder at a time.

Create Minders in moments, make lasting change.

What You Get

Everyone has habits. You might as well make good ones.

Create the life you want five minutes at a time

Other apps exist in silos. They offer overwhelming content, but how to choose? When to do it?

At Minder, we help you can find your best practices and then help you practice them regularly. Pause and breathe throughout your day, not just when you are tense. Drink water before you are dehydrated.

Big change happens with small steps.

Science tells us that you make more progress when you make small daily steps rather than one huge lunge near the finish. Our power packed practices, fueled by your minders, help you accomplish those elusive goals.

App Features

  • Explore Content

    World class best practices and tools curated for you.

  • My Minders

    Set minders to turn your desires into reality.

  • Ask Abar

    Ask Abar and get an inspiration. Ask as often as you like. He’s not shy.

  • My Coins

    Acquire coins in the App store and store them in your Treasury. Spend on premium content when you are ready!

  • My Library

    All your best practices in one place. Watch, Listen. Read.

  • Add Minder

    The only app that lets you set minders throughout your day with ease. Add specific times or repeated minders with just a few clicks. Set Random minders too!

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Our Professionals

Catherine Oliven


(Ask. Believe. Act. Receive.)

Chief Happiness Officer

Minder App On The Go

Minder goes where you go. All your practices, videos and audios, in one place. Say goodbye to email, bookmarks and different apps.

Your practices and your schedule all in one place.

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